"Il nostro scopo è di coniugare la convivenza creativa tra il Design Italiano, Artisti e Designer Locali"

"Our aim is to connect Italian Design with Local Artistic Talents and Interior Designers"


The design is inspired by the body and movement of the stingrays, where the thickness of the stingray is characterized by its oblique body, long tail and prominent eyes and ranges from a light grey hue to dark brown hue.
These sea creatures have been linked to the history of the UAE economically and culturally which dates back to ancient times. They where an essential part of local food and were a threat to local pearl divers. The utilisation of stingrays by locals ranged from using the bard of the tail as a tool for cutting wood because of its sharp pointed limbs, and extracted oil from the liver for lanterns and polishing wood.


SAS is the local word for “basis” or “origin”. It is derived from the formal Arabic word “Asas”.
Sas is a bespoke furniture collection aiming towards the exploration of islamic design approaches, particularily, the study of islamic pattern drawing techniques.
Each SAS peice is designed with a unique combination of circles and daigonal lines. The beauty of the handmade inlay work emphasises both design and structural details.