Venetian Artisans leading in bespoke concept-to-completion and custom made furniture. Their passion for design and Innovation is reflected in the way they create, source, combine and reinterpret materials such as wood, stone, metal, glass, fabric and leather.


A sublime example of elegance and virtuosity, result of the Venitian savoir faire. Tradition mixed with innovation is the concept behind Casa Rialto, creating products that express high quality, uniqueness and have a useful purpose - Transparent and colored glass, vegetal elements and elegant shapes – where silhouettes and colors take you back to a fantasy ambience.


Creativity, avant-garde techniques and unique technology – Flight Flow – give life to artistic lights and furniture. Materials such as Sardinian ceramics, stones and marbles are worked with meticulous craftsmanship as an expression of Italian tradition.


Mircoled supplies and develops customized and innovative lighting and electronic systems in both the industrial and civil sectors, for indoors and outdoors. Experts work towards the best design of LED lighting and custom applications that will allow the right amount of light into your room, ensuring high energy savings.nMircoled offers the possibility of designing the right lighting solution according to specific needs, customizing lighting applications on the market with unique ideas and solutions that will turn each space into an unforgettable environment.


The Company’s mission is to support architects, planners and designers with appealing steel and architectural bronze fenestration systems, which offer the possibility to use windows and doors with distinctive visual qualities. Depending on the climatic environment, national regulations, thermal performance and heritage guidelines, Clients can choose among a large variety of different systems, designs and materials to match the requested architectural style.


30 years of experience in the field of mechanical manufactoring and surface finishing of extruded aluminium products, led Plamac to collaborate with some of the world’s most famous Architects and Designers. In house design, technical and decorative items – such as hidden hinges into doors jams – together with endless research, has defined Plamac as a leader in quality and innovation.


At Radici, tradition marries innovation to put state of the art textile technology at the service of creativity. Alongside the quality of Italian products, Radici offers the widest range of wall to wall carpeting available on the market. Radici’s team of designers transforms each idea into a pattern that matches the customer’s needs.


Longstanding handmade tradition in the upholstered furniture sector. Attention to detail and a carefully chosen range of components with refined finishing reflects the quality of every product. All items are original solutions that meet design requirements, as well as functionality and safety, for a house that reflects a customer’s personality and needs.


The ancient art of Sardinian stonemasons joined by innovative industrial approach characterizes the high quality standards and the continuous research behind the Basalt stone; A unique and magmatic rock that lies in vast stretches generally layered at very deep depths over the Earth’s surface. With over 30 years of experience, Basalti is able to assist in finding the ideal solution for every need, in terms of style and function, with a wide range of different processes and materials.